For those who may wonder...

I have been 'single' for 2 years. Before then, pretty much from starting high school (8+ years ago), I have gone from girl to girl. I thought that was what any man was supposed to do. Having a significant other does allow for some positive things. But in my mind, during a period of growth such as during high school and college, unless locked down with the 'perfect' someone, it is only a restriction. NO, I am not some scum bag who wants to go out and meet as many girls as possible to mess around with. As a matter of fact, I find myself avoiding going out and meeting women for a fear of finding somebody who I might want to call my significant other.

In my 2 years of being single I have come to love my freedom and my alone time. I don't have to worry about what she is doing, and she doesn't have to worry about what I am doing. If I want to do something, I do it. I don't have to run it by her, or worry whether or not she would approve. If I want to sit on my ass all night and paint a picture, drink beer, listen to music, or just shoot the shit with the guys, it doesn't matter. Yes, of course there are those girls out there who are totally cool with a guy doing just that whenever he pleases. Those girls are special, and having a balance between together time and alone time I have come to learn is crucial.

Don't get me wrong, I do not regret having girlfriends or casually dating in the past. Meeting people and establishing relationships teaches you the types of values and characteristics that are important to you. I am very thankful for each and every relationship that I have had that has gone bad in some way or another. I have learned a lot about myself, and what is truly important to me. I know that when the right person comes around and both of us happen to be in the right stage of our lives to start a relationship, it is meant to be. Until then, I am more than happy living my single and independent life. Amen.



What's the deal?!

I had a great weekend filled with with bicycle riding. MTBing, road riding, forging rivers, you name it. The beauty of Tucson winter was fully absorbed.
Just as I seem to be healing back into one piece and recovering from my hand injury, I somehow seem to have messed myself up once again. This time, I guess some sort of overuse injury? I feel as though I am no longer in the 1st quarter of my life, but the last quarter. My inflamed achilles tendon creeks and crackles every time I flex my foot like I'm some sort of riggidy old man. Mr. Andy, who made his way through a similar injury, informed me that this was indeed the same sensation that he had. Yippeeee.

Maybe I am getting some divine hint to sit my ass down, take a break from having fun, and study for the MCAT. Who knows. I however do know that everything in this world whether we like it or not does actually happen for a reason. So I guess I should be grateful that my achilles tendon has turned into a stiff mess. I'll try and do that.



Le faisons...

Even though it does not in any way feel like it, my last semester of undergrad is underway. The wonderful Wilko is finally up and running again, which along with trusty Time Market gives me some nice WiFi, food, and beverages throughout my day.
Spring 2010 Graph Schedule
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C AUD 100A

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11:00 PSIO303B-001
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HARV 150

12:00 FREN101-003
EDUC 318
EDUC 318
EDUC 318
EDUC 318



C AUD 100A

C AUD 100A



As of Tue Jan 19 10:30:48 MST 2010
Besides starting my last semester of school, not much is going on with ma vie.

I've been trying to teach myself French via youtube videos (in addition to French 101) because I do not think that one semester of French at UofA will do much for me. The hardest part is by farrrr spelling/pronouncing words. I also have thought about studying for the MCAT again... it's a depressing thought, but I've got to conquer that verbal reasoning someday, hopefully sooner than later, if I ever want to do what I have thought I've wanted to do for most of my life - be Dr. Alter.

BA-out (for now)


Better late than never

It's a bit late for this, but I'd like to talk about my new years resolution. Thats right, I just have ONE...

My resolution is to follow through with things. It really makes me upset when people fail to live up to their word. Therefore, I have decided to follow through with everything that I have planned. Despite whether or not my plans are made public or not, I plan on following through with everything that I have proposed. I do not want to let anybody down, most importantly myself.

One thing that I have noticed recently in my life are people that have been doing just that; failing to live up to their word. To me, it doesn't matter if the slightest and seemingly most insignificant actions are left undone, it is still failure. Failing to follow through with things in life could seem inconsequential to somebody, yet mean the world to someone else.

BA-down and out


La fin d'un grand voyage

The road trip has come to an end 2800 miles later. Since Aspen, some time was spent back in Boulder, ragin' and shredin' in Breckenridge, and then recovering in Golden for the trip back home.

Neither Friday night beverages, nor ridiculously long lift lines on the hill Saturday prevented us from having a great day shredin'. But midway through the day, a tree trunk did attempt to cut my day short...
A recovery night in Golden set us up nicely to conquer the quest back to AZ. We weren't very excited to drive through "The Land of Enchantment" (New Mexico) again. Andy and myself decided to display our disgust of the state publicly.
About 4 hours later, however, views of New Mexico began to change. A billboard advertising '$10 free gas' drew us off the highway and into a casino between Albuquerque and Gallup. Going into the casino we had nothing to lose...
Leaving the casino, we were up $50 cash as well as $20 of New Mexico's finest petrol. Success.

So, its back in AZ after what I would call the best winter break of my 17 years of having winter breaks. It started off well with some quality family time. It of course came to an end with an epic 12 day adventure through coloRADo.



the beer flowed like wine...

When I think of Aspen, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie, Dumb and Dumber. This place is such a nice ski town, but I recently learned that 'Dumb and Dumber' was not filmed in Aspen, but in Breckenridge which happens to be the next stop on my Tour de Colorado winter break road trip. In Aspen I was hosted by my buddy Wylie in a beautiful home outside of town. I am convinced that Coloradans are all very hospitable great cooks who love to provide beverages. I have yet to be proved otherwise!

Day 1 in Aspen was spent on Snowmass. The mountain was huge and a bit overwhelming, but I was fortunate enough to be guided by Wylie and his GWU buddy Poto. Both these kids could ski anything you put in front of them.
They tested my limits for sure, but I had a great day despite the sketchy conditions and low visibility at times.

We decided to explore options other than skiing on day 2 and went for a nice little hike up smuggler mountain instead.

After 'bro'n out' back at the house for a while we went back into town to watch some football, eat din, drink beer, and listen to some music, and freeze my ass off. Todd Snider put on a pretty sweet show at a cool little venue.

Now its time to hit the road down valley and back to Breckenridge to reunite with Mr. Andy who was crazy enough to conquer another drive through brutal winter storms between Chicago and Boulder, CO.

... From there, who knows.



Aspen bound

The extended Hack Family treated us quite nicely while in the Denver area. Excellent food, nice supply of beverages, and shuttle service to and from ski mountains always makes for a nice stay.

Day 2 at Copper Mountain was a bit colder. It led to frozen boogers in the morning.

By lunch time, conditions were immaculate.

Great snow, great company, and not a huge crowd made for another awesome day of boarding.

I'd say we definitely got our moneys worth.

We also paid a visit to the denver zoo, where Andy was still the tallest creature around.

Golden, CO was beginning to feel like home. Our hosts (Uncle Kenny and Aunt Marsha) are some of the coolest and nicest individuals that I have met. They give me hope that life keeps on getting better after college (and into your fifties...). Definitely wouldn't mind being nestled up in the hills in a sweet little town outside of Denver.

Now it's time to head through the mountains to Aspen for some more fun. Hopefully I will dodge the storm that is supposed to hit much of this area tonight and tomorrow.



brewerys, bars, babes, boards, and ICE

The spontaneous Denver winter break trip with Mr. Andy Wyatt has been great thus far. Besides spending new years eve was spent with the company of some fine Denverite babes downtown, we have kept busy with some Coloradan-style activities.
The first day of the year started bright and early at Copper Mountain where we were the first on the lift in 2010, and the first to shred some sweet snow.
So far, this year has just gotten better and better. 'Uncle Kenny' brought us out to climb some frozen waterfalls this morning. Apparently ice climbing is "way more dangerous" than rock climbing, but we were in the company of climbing master.
Kenny climbed up to set the ropes for us newBs...
Strappin' up...
axen and kickin my way up
got a little steep and gnarly at the top...
uncle kenny's a bad ass...
Andy's turn...
aint no thang...

...More fun to come.


PS - Coolest urinal in Colorado resides in Longmont.