Change of scenery

I truly adore Tucson.  However, I have only been back here for a few months and already feel myself falling into a rut.  Its probably just because I told myself upon returning here that I would only stay for a short time.  My mind already left this state a couple weeks ago, after I took Mr. MCAT.

Since my mind left town after the exam, my body has been absorbing everything this town has to offer.  Trails, roads, beers, burgers, vegetables have been abundant.

The highlight of the last couple weeks has probably been night riding my MTB.  It started at the summer solstice when a group of people got together to enjoy the desert evening under the stars.  I immediately questioned myself as to why I don't get out and do that more often.  Since then, I have enjoyed many desert nights on my bike under the stars amidst the coyotes, deer, mountain lions, and other fun creatures.

Now, I'm headed west to southern California, very excited for new adventures to come.