Take your buddy to work day

Yesterday, May 27 2010 was Boulder county's first annual take your buddy to work day. I was the lucky buddy who went to work with Andy who happens to be an intern at Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, CO. I call him "Dale's Bitch" which made me Dale's Bitch's Bitch for a bit.
We loaded some kegs in the back of the trusty Old Chub van and headed north for a delivery of some of CO's finest hopped beverages to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
This kid lives a terrible life. It must be tough to "work" at beer festivals, bike races, and music festivals all summer promoting some lousy canned beer from Colorado... But seriously, I am happy and proud of Andy. I think he has found his place in the world with this company. Congrats.

I am headed out of town this weekend... or is that even possible since I am already out of town? But I guess I am not out of town, since I currently don't have a "town" of my own. Anyways, it is up to Chicago for memorial day weekend with the Friedman cousins.

BA-takin' off

Rock-y-Road Trip

After last summer in the furnace of Phoenix, I made a promise I would never put myself through another hell of a summer again. So this year, I decided to try and have a hellluvuh summer instead.

It started Tuesday. I left the 602 with the car packed. Tent, sleeping bag, clothes, bikes, and camera loaded, headed north to visit my Grandma in Prescott, AZ. I got in town just in time for a ride in the forest.
After spending some quality time with Grandma, I hit the road early and headed north. I decided to drive through north through Flagstaff into Utah rather than east through the dreaded state of New Mexico. 6 hours into the drive I approached Moab. I new that there was some sweet mountain bike riding to be done here. I was planning to truck along through on into CO because I had plans to stay in Denver that night, and 6 more hours of road lied ahead of me. But, decided to stop at a nifty lookin' bike shop to do some investigating.
Turns out slickrock bike trail is a mile up the road, so I took a detour. I'm glad I did, because it was some sweet riding in some pretty unique terrain.
The wind didn't make this ride easy. I legitimately feared being blown off of a cliff.
So, it was back on the road after a couple hours on the rocks. I pulled into Boulder late Wednesday night, just in time for a couple drinks at The Sink.

I'm pretty happy with how my trip has begun.




So it's been a while. My lack of blogging must mean I was doing something better with my days during the last couple weeks of college, right? Right.

Well lets see. First of all, I was busy(?) working hard(?) to earn myself a 4.0 this semester. No biggie.
I also spent some time collecting awards for my work in organizing the Clean-Up Crew event from a couple months back.
But besides that boring nonsense, I was busy enjoying my life, and last weeks as a college student. I think by now most of you already know what this kid likes to do with some free time: bikes, beers, babes, and smoothies. Yes, smoothies have been an essential part of my life thanks to my first graduation gift received, a Vitamix!

... this fine piece of machinery does not deserve to be classified as a "blender".

So besides making epic smoothies, you guessed it, I have been going on epic bike rides. All sorts of rides.
Rides in the desert.
Rides to KFC.
Rides on the trails with Dale's (accompanied by Dale's personal sales intern)
Rides to play in the snow (in MAY!?)
Rides to the top of parking garages to enjoy Tucson views and summer nights, and keep my times simple.
O YA! I also enjoyed the company of family to celebrate my transition to adult hood.
BA-out (of town)


um, yeah

No words can describe my excitement for getting out of tucson and starting a new chapter of my life. It isn't the academic burn out, or even the summer heat. I am just ready for something new.