The Solitude Attitude

If you ask me, its quite underrated.  Solitude is awesome and very necessary.  Learning to love solitude of course allows you to love yourself.  It allows you to determine your needs in life, as well as your desires.  Without distraction of outsiders, the purity of wisdom flows freely into you.  Things become clear, ideas crystalize, and the ease of life becomes apparent.

I am not debunking the need of interactions with other humans.  However, without learning who you are through solitude, it is impossible to know what sorts of people and interactions truly benefit you most.  There are more people in this world who suck life from you, than people who give the positive energy needed for growth.

There are indeed many fish in the sea, but you should be conscious of the fish you seek.  Fishing with dynamite isn't the best option, as it leaves you with a bunch of carnage to sort through. It is best to troll your bait and allow the deserving fish to be hooked.

Observing those ignorant of this basic truth saddens me.  It's never too late for self realization.  I feel blessed for the coalescence of such concepts relatively early in this life.

BA - out


Dogs and cats

I've headed up to my retreat of hibernation where I am surrounded by dogs and cats.

I am nestled into the peaceful foothills of Tucson.  Not amidst the swanky mercedes and hummers.  I am looking after a nice old house, filled with dark wood, leather, and lots and lots of books.

I am looking after a dog named Oso.  Oso is the first dog who I have truly liked.  He had a tough couple first years of life.  Despite his bear-like build, Oso clearly still holds on to emotional wounds of his previous life.  These wounds are quickly healing as our bond forms.

There is one cat in the house too.  Her name is "M", and she is a bitch.

I wish Oso would eat this darn cat so I wouldn't have to waste my time with her.

Another cat made a short appearance this afternoon.  His name was Bob.
Bob the bobcat played with me a bit through the kitchen window.  He is way cooler than miss M-cat.



What's your calling?

This dude found his calling.

My quarter-life-crisis began with a broken hand.  Breaking my hand catalyzed a series of events in my brain, somehow raising the fear of going down the 'wrong' life path - chasing the wrong dream.

I come across things here and there that resonate with my inner bird call.  Coming across such information provides the necessary inspiration to endure.  I know that I will find my niche.

Things that are important as of now:

Though these topics will remain fundamental to me and my personal life, what is becoming increasingly important is my desire to gain as much skill and knowledge of issues so that I can effectively and routinely impact the lives of others.

BA - out


When life gives you a mountain,

Climb it... Fast.

I'm climbing everyday.

Through mountains of chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology.

The most challenging sections of the climb are traversing through the loquacious literary excerpts.

I'd rather be climbing real mountains, but these are the mountains that I face now.

I hope to be at the summit in 39 days.

BA - out


two dimes and a nickel-life-crisis

I was pretty sure that I 'coined' the term, even before I entered my life-crisis.

BA - out


Time flies...

whether you are having fun, or not.

Timelapse - The City Limits from Dominic on Vimeo.

BA - out


I still know how to have fun

I left my books at home, strapped on my party pants, hopped in a car with fat tire bikes on the roof and headed north to Prescott, AZ for some fun.  I partook in the Whisky Off-Road 50 mile mountain bike race with several hundred like minded people.  Although we were all there to ride the same 50 mile loop through forests, down valleys, and over mountains everyone did not soak up the tunes, and indulge in the food, drinks, and atmosphere to the extent that I did with my friends and family. It was one of the best weekends in my home state to date.

Now, back to those books.

BA - out