What's the deal?!

I had a great weekend filled with with bicycle riding. MTBing, road riding, forging rivers, you name it. The beauty of Tucson winter was fully absorbed.
Just as I seem to be healing back into one piece and recovering from my hand injury, I somehow seem to have messed myself up once again. This time, I guess some sort of overuse injury? I feel as though I am no longer in the 1st quarter of my life, but the last quarter. My inflamed achilles tendon creeks and crackles every time I flex my foot like I'm some sort of riggidy old man. Mr. Andy, who made his way through a similar injury, informed me that this was indeed the same sensation that he had. Yippeeee.

Maybe I am getting some divine hint to sit my ass down, take a break from having fun, and study for the MCAT. Who knows. I however do know that everything in this world whether we like it or not does actually happen for a reason. So I guess I should be grateful that my achilles tendon has turned into a stiff mess. I'll try and do that.


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