phx BROpen

As many of you know, this weekend was the annual Phoenix/FBR/Waste Management Open (I can never keep the sponsors straight...). For those of you who have never experienced the open, it is unlike any other golf event.

I attended the open for the first time in 1997. I was 9 years old and remember one moment very vividly. As Tiger, the Lion-Cheetah, Woods approached the 16th tee, I gave him a high five as he walked by, right before he hit this shot...
It may have been the coolest moment of my life (at least the first 9 years of it).

I don't know if I was that naive or what, but since then the tournament has become an absolute shit-show. The 7 dollar bud lights don't stop the bros and hoes from getting wasted which makes for some good people watching.
Following the fan-favorite, ASU-grad, Phil Mickelson was fun for a while, but the real party was at the infamous 16th hole, where Tiger hit the hole-in-one. The hole is now completely surrounded with stadium seating filled with drunks of all ages heckling the golfers, and betting on which caddie would be the first to step on the green after walking from the tee.
I happened to make my way out of there safely without stepping on any passed out frat bros or piles of vomit. Success! Now all I have to do is figure out whether I am going to watch the final round of the tournament on TV tomorrow, or USA hockey win the gold medal over Canada. Tough choice...




Maybe its time to invest in one of these sweet products. Commuting through campus yesterday, my chainring got hungry for some denim, and decided to take a bight out of my favorite pair of jeans...
Thankfully, it didn't leave me naked, nor crashed.
Still gotta love this guy though.

On the bright side, I might finally be able to make myself a sweet pair of these though.

Besides feeding the fixie (who I have decided to name "Slasher"), it has been quite a killer weekend hangin out with the Ecuador crew.



i like...


... and Todd Snider.

... and painting to music of Todd Snider.