the beer flowed like wine...

When I think of Aspen, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie, Dumb and Dumber. This place is such a nice ski town, but I recently learned that 'Dumb and Dumber' was not filmed in Aspen, but in Breckenridge which happens to be the next stop on my Tour de Colorado winter break road trip. In Aspen I was hosted by my buddy Wylie in a beautiful home outside of town. I am convinced that Coloradans are all very hospitable great cooks who love to provide beverages. I have yet to be proved otherwise!

Day 1 in Aspen was spent on Snowmass. The mountain was huge and a bit overwhelming, but I was fortunate enough to be guided by Wylie and his GWU buddy Poto. Both these kids could ski anything you put in front of them.
They tested my limits for sure, but I had a great day despite the sketchy conditions and low visibility at times.

We decided to explore options other than skiing on day 2 and went for a nice little hike up smuggler mountain instead.

After 'bro'n out' back at the house for a while we went back into town to watch some football, eat din, drink beer, and listen to some music, and freeze my ass off. Todd Snider put on a pretty sweet show at a cool little venue.

Now its time to hit the road down valley and back to Breckenridge to reunite with Mr. Andy who was crazy enough to conquer another drive through brutal winter storms between Chicago and Boulder, CO.

... From there, who knows.


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