For those who may wonder...

I have been 'single' for 2 years. Before then, pretty much from starting high school (8+ years ago), I have gone from girl to girl. I thought that was what any man was supposed to do. Having a significant other does allow for some positive things. But in my mind, during a period of growth such as during high school and college, unless locked down with the 'perfect' someone, it is only a restriction. NO, I am not some scum bag who wants to go out and meet as many girls as possible to mess around with. As a matter of fact, I find myself avoiding going out and meeting women for a fear of finding somebody who I might want to call my significant other.

In my 2 years of being single I have come to love my freedom and my alone time. I don't have to worry about what she is doing, and she doesn't have to worry about what I am doing. If I want to do something, I do it. I don't have to run it by her, or worry whether or not she would approve. If I want to sit on my ass all night and paint a picture, drink beer, listen to music, or just shoot the shit with the guys, it doesn't matter. Yes, of course there are those girls out there who are totally cool with a guy doing just that whenever he pleases. Those girls are special, and having a balance between together time and alone time I have come to learn is crucial.

Don't get me wrong, I do not regret having girlfriends or casually dating in the past. Meeting people and establishing relationships teaches you the types of values and characteristics that are important to you. I am very thankful for each and every relationship that I have had that has gone bad in some way or another. I have learned a lot about myself, and what is truly important to me. I know that when the right person comes around and both of us happen to be in the right stage of our lives to start a relationship, it is meant to be. Until then, I am more than happy living my single and independent life. Amen.