La fin d'un grand voyage

The road trip has come to an end 2800 miles later. Since Aspen, some time was spent back in Boulder, ragin' and shredin' in Breckenridge, and then recovering in Golden for the trip back home.

Neither Friday night beverages, nor ridiculously long lift lines on the hill Saturday prevented us from having a great day shredin'. But midway through the day, a tree trunk did attempt to cut my day short...
A recovery night in Golden set us up nicely to conquer the quest back to AZ. We weren't very excited to drive through "The Land of Enchantment" (New Mexico) again. Andy and myself decided to display our disgust of the state publicly.
About 4 hours later, however, views of New Mexico began to change. A billboard advertising '$10 free gas' drew us off the highway and into a casino between Albuquerque and Gallup. Going into the casino we had nothing to lose...
Leaving the casino, we were up $50 cash as well as $20 of New Mexico's finest petrol. Success.

So, its back in AZ after what I would call the best winter break of my 17 years of having winter breaks. It started off well with some quality family time. It of course came to an end with an epic 12 day adventure through coloRADo.


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