brewerys, bars, babes, boards, and ICE

The spontaneous Denver winter break trip with Mr. Andy Wyatt has been great thus far. Besides spending new years eve was spent with the company of some fine Denverite babes downtown, we have kept busy with some Coloradan-style activities.
The first day of the year started bright and early at Copper Mountain where we were the first on the lift in 2010, and the first to shred some sweet snow.
So far, this year has just gotten better and better. 'Uncle Kenny' brought us out to climb some frozen waterfalls this morning. Apparently ice climbing is "way more dangerous" than rock climbing, but we were in the company of climbing master.
Kenny climbed up to set the ropes for us newBs...
Strappin' up...
axen and kickin my way up
got a little steep and gnarly at the top...
uncle kenny's a bad ass...
Andy's turn...
aint no thang...

...More fun to come.


PS - Coolest urinal in Colorado resides in Longmont.


  1. seems as though i have been replaced. go fuck yourselves douschbags

  2. an andy for an andy...seems fair.