A poor portrayal of tremendous travels

I left my footprints in two amazing European cities.  Prague and Berlin are in some way opposites, but both equally sensational.  The amazing architecture in Prague was left untouched throughout World War II, while Berlin has relatively recently been completely rebuilt around few standing monuments.  Although there are far too many wonderful experiences to fully share, I will attempt to summarize the highlights of my long weekend getaway into the beautiful winter wonderlands.

I reunited with Piero from Vienna who studies in Prague.  After a night filled with homemade piiiiiza, drinks, and dancing I attacked the city at full force in attempts to seeing it all during my one full day in Prague.

Prague Castle.

Snow capped Prague.

"Old" Prague.

View from Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge and Old Prague

Christmas time in Old Town Square

National Museum

Having left many sights unseen and many things undone in Prague, Piero and I hopped on a train early Friday morning and headed north to Berlin.

Christmas chaos at Alexanderplatz - I'm no grinch, but this wasn't my favorite part of the city.

Berlin was colllllld - like frozen river cold.

Berliner Dome.

Altes Museum

Brandenburger Tor

Holocaust memorial

Sure, all of the tourist attractions were great and must be seen.  Although I skipped out on many (the WALL!?) in order to experience some more of the 'underground' culture and art which was abundant and awesome.

A bunch of crappy crap, and some cool crap, at the Fleamarket in Mauerpark.

Both Prague and Berlin are definitely deserving of a return trip, maybe when the weather doesn't cause my joints to freeze stiff.




  1. awesome! is that picture of the berliner dome fake?

  2. This looks amazing, Ben! I want to come visit :)

  3. C'mon Andy, you think I'd put fake photos on here - it was hard enough picking the good ones from my huge compilation.

    Hannah - I think you should make a trip out for your birthday.

  4. dude it looks like a painting. you have a weird camera

  5. so damn fake, even bobbi thinks it's fake

  6. goddammitbobbi. you guys are lame and cant accept the fact that i am so extremely gifted at pushing a button on my camera.

  7. Prettiest. Pictures. Ever

    Obsessed :) Beautiful job Ben.