Requiem of a Wien

If you read the dramatic start (or ending, if Quentin Terantino films aren't your style) then you know that I have safely made it home from a great weekend away.  204 pictures say 204,000 words, but hopefully this will be a tad more brief.

I heard a lot of great things about Vienna, so I gave it a go over the long Halloween/All Saints Day weekend.  Having arrived Friday night, I thought I should waste no time before checking out the scene.

I quickly learned of a concert that night in the city hall.  
(not my photo)

14 € didn't seem to bad for some electronic music, strobe lights, and Austrian culture within some big gothic arches.

I was up bright and early the next day despite countless drinks until 4AM given to me from a group of guys, whom looking back on it were likely gay.  Or just really nice.  Or both.  That morning I met Piero, a super cool Italian dude studying in Prague, also traveling solo.  We thought two heads might be better than one when it came to map reading and exploring a city new to both of us.

"Where are we? Where should we go?"
"O, you guys should go up there, to that nature park!"

Coooooool... alright, lets go somewhere else.

Stadt Park

Cool graffiti along Donau Kanal

Just another amazing structure, but sadly, I can't tell you its name.

About 8 hours of walking pretty much nonstop, it was time to throw the feet up for a few minutes before catching the Mozart Requiem at Stephansdom.

And then, another night out on the town.  Thanks to Piero the social smoker, asking for a lighter was always a good conversation starter with the local ladies.

Fast forward to 2:59AM - the most exhilarating moment of my life.  Instead of 3:00AM, the clock struck 2:00AM.  I watched the tic of the clock on my iPhone.  Wow.  Living in AZ my entire life, this was my first experience of daylight savings time in action.  Don't laugh... I thought it was awesome.  PLUS, that meant tonight we had an extra hour to parrrrrttttyyyyyyy!

Byyyeee Denise (Little did I know I would see her Monday for a tour of her hometown on my last day in Vienna)
Annnnd, up bright and early the next morning.  Ready for another 20K more of seeing the sights, smelling the scents, tasting the food, and getting lost.


Piero in front of his future employer, the United Nations.

The Hundert Wasser Haus - One amazing piece of art.

Piero was gone, and I was once again solo.  I strapped on the walkin' shoes again and did what I do best in new places; people watch.  Being Halloween, there were plenty of intoxicated Austrians in costume to provide all the entertainment I needed.

My final day in Vienna was spent with Denise, who I met Saturday.  As we all know, the only way to really experience a city is with the guidance of a local.

Sch├Ânbrunn Palace.



 Belvedere Garten.

And, I guess I should take a pic of Stephansdom.

I had a wonderful few days here and really think that despite being lost about half of the time, each waking minute of each day was thoroughly enjoyed.  I hope to return soon.  I hear its beautiful in the weeks before Christmas...


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  1. nice! thank you for this one! how's denise? mmmmmmmm