A Perseverance Parable

There is a club in Berlin that gets a whole lot of hype.  Many describe it as being indescribable.  Others say its hands down the best club in Europe.  Either way, it is a huge 3 story warehouse filled with speakers and drugs along with crazy European deejays putting both to good use.

For a couple of techno deprived tourists, it seems like a place worth visiting.  Despite stories of the dreaded "dark room" where you can almost taste public sex, and stories of being turned around at the door due to the club's "selectivity" for no rhyme nor reason, it was 2:30AM on Saturday night, the prime time to give it a go.

The flashing lights and shaking walls are in site, and the vibrations seem to heat up the sub freezing air.  The only thing between the tourists and the techno is a quick queue and a few intimidating German guards.  

At the front they stand, all too vulnerable to the judgmental security armed with foreign language and questions alike.

Seconds pass as blank stares meet an outstretched arm pointing in the opposite directions.  Tonight just wasn't their night.

Along the walk of shame back toward the street, a couple of curious Germans inquire about the party within the shaking structure.  Jokes of the security guard judges were shared along with some laughs and a few swigs from a bottle.  Before they knew it, the tourists were marching their warmed souls back toward the doors equipped with smiles and confidence.

This time, it was to the right at the front of the line, towards the guard with a tattooed face and his two accomplices.  The new judging eyes met cool looks of confidences, and foreign questions received affirmative responses of "Yah."  

Seconds ticked away as the judgement continued.  

Finally... the wave of affirmation.

Sometimes you've just got to take a swig, find a new perspective, and give it another go.


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