Does daylight stealing time affect universal expansion?

I am not understanding this concept new to me known as daylight savings time...

As you may know, I experienced it for the first time a few days ago in Vienna.  Sure, it was fun at the time... I mean the bars stayed open an extra hour.  But after giving it a little more thought, I am not a fan at all.

If daylight were being 'saved', shouldn't it be an hour later right now instead of an hour earlier... instead of the sun setting at its normal time of ~17:20 for this time of year, the sun now sets at ~16:20.  If you ask me no daylight has been saved, but an hour of warm sunshine has been stolen.  Who cares about the AM hours.  People who are up before dawn are weirdos regardless of when the sun rises.

Sorry for my Arizonan ignorance.  

In other news, I am a huge fan of the current book that I am reading - The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking.

I am forced to read this book excruciatingly slowly, as if it were another research paper on FRET.  It isn't necessarily the complexity that forces me to read it slowly, but my desire to completely understand what Hawking is trying to explain to us imbeciles.  Well, yea the science is more complex than even he can explain, but it is explained in such a pathetically elementary way that I am sure even YOU can understand.

This picture doesn't seem very special, but to some it may mean a lot.  A temperature map of our infinitely expanding space showing fluctuations which prove (for now) the occurrence of the 'big bang' to have happened ~13.2 billion years ago.  You, me, that deer, those beers, your favorite bar, and all of the stars originated from one tiny piece of infinitely dense matter.  It was as if a dime inflated to the size of the milky way galaxy instantaneously.  Quantum interactions within this piece of matter at the time of the inflation caused asymmetrical expansion which ultimately allowed for masses to form which we know as stars, one of which became our lovely sun, gentle enough to allow life on one spec of orbiting dust.  

So have a nice day, and remember that your universe is expanding at about 77km/s per 3.26 million light years.



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