Let's Terantino this...

I have 34 minutes to make my way across Budapest to the other train station to catch my train back to Debrecen.  That should be enough time if I make my way through through the metro system... If I don't make a wrong turn in the process, stand on the wrong platform, or miss my connecting metro at the city center.  Ya, thats a lot of "ifs," but I've got the one thing I need, confidence and a little juice left in the 'ol walkin' shoes.

But wait... dun.dun.DUN...

My train into Budapest is running late.  Those 34 minutes slowly dwindled down to 22 minutes with each tick of the clock.  Shoot, shoot, SHOOOOOT!  The last thing I want to do is sit in the station and wait 2 hours for the next train, putting me home after midnight, especially after a weekend like that.  So, as the train rolled in from the west, I mustered up a little tenacity to go with the confidence.

Twisting and turning I made my down the street, through the crowd, and underground, only to find myself at the back of a line to purchase a metro ticket.


Back into the crowd and onto metro number one.

Time to change to metro number 2! - Boom. Done. Like a local.

Tic...toc...tic...toc... about 4 minutes left.

Now the decision... Get out on street corner A?... Or B?...... Or C?......... Or D???

B - GO!

Screw escalator, thats where the crowd is.  Up the stairs, GO!

Correct! - Way to trust your instinct, Ben.

Shut up, LEGS!

"One to Debrecen, Please!"


Platform 9... perfect.

Hop on.  Door close.  Rolling eastward.

And here, I sit.  Sipping chamomile. Reminiscing on the weekend.  All thanks to a short lesson on where a little perseverance, confidence, and disregard for sore muscles can get you. Ahhhh...

Maybe those people rushing through the city, desperately looking at their watches might have a justified reason for their rudeness...

Stay tuned.


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  1. like it. why aren't you drinking beer? i'm worried about you...fix yourself ASAP or don't come back. that is all. bye ben.