1-2-3-4, I declare a thumb war

So, it's been about a year since that pivotal day in my life.  The day my lack of experience on two wheels in the dirt back fired.  The day I gave that rock in the Tucson desert a flying high five.  The so called 'crisis' leading to my 1/4 life crisis.

Is my thumb all better? - No.

My range of motion with my right thumb is still far less than that of the left.  When approaching the limits of that motion it I still have quite a bit of pain.  If I were a professional thumb wrestler, my career would be over.  Out of alllll the scars on my body, this one is most meaningful.  

With a few pins, the fragments of my trapezium fused leading to a pretty normal looking/functioning thumb.  For that, I thank Dr. Siegel.

It's hard to say whether or not this whole 1/4 life crisis thing would have happened if it weren't for the 'crisis.'  I'm not talking about this stupid blog but simply a slight change in perspective of life.  Perception is reality.  Reality is your path in life.  Your path depends on your desired destination.  Everyone's desire is different.  The only constant variable in this equation is the fact that things change.

Though its all crystal clear now, who knows where my mind would be if I didn't fly over my handlebars that afternoon.


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