Not born to run

I like to run.  I truly do.  I have never been a terrific runner, and nor will I ever be, but I enjoy it nonetheless.  For a while, running didn't like me.  The ground preferred that I didn't frolic on it, and to make itself clear, the ground attempted to injure me.  Every muscle and joint between the hips and the ankles took a beating.

Yes, the ground is unforgiving, but what changed?  I don't think my mechanics changed.  Was I just getting old?  That couldn't be... or could it?  I don't know, but I did know something had to change.  I had enough of the vicious injury --> recovery cycle.  I was ready to be patient and put speed and distance aside and learn to run for real.

I am not typically one to promote products or ideas, but I feel as though not doing so wouldn't be fair.  Its like one of those 'secrets' that is so obvious.  I am a rational, left brained human.  Things need to make sense in order for me to believe.  I recently came across a methodical approach to running that makes complete physical sense.  People have been running this way most likely since the beginning of time.  This efficient running method has been marketed by the name Chi Running, making it appealing to new age folk in touch with ones' bodies, while quite possibly scaring off others who are intimidated by such a concept.  Though 'chi,' or energy, is essential to life, this running method doesn't have as much to do with this intangible energy, as it does basic physics.  Mainly, using gravity to work with you rather than against you.

Without further adieu...

I also found these helpful, because have never been quite aware of what my feet should be doing down there.

Hey, I'm a pronator.

So, I have only been running this way for a tad over a week, but finding the 'chi' groove is easy, and once found, it feels awesome.


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