The gift

I recently received a gift.  A gift that changed the world as I know it.  A gift so meaningful that its the first thing on my mind every morning when I wake up.  Its' essence is somehow incorporated into my life daily after 2 months of nothingness.  This gift, however, must be treated carefully.  It possesses a sort of magical energy.  An energy quantified around 100 kcal/tbsp, that if abused, could have adverse effects on my life.  I could be talking of none other than...
6 jars... creamy, crunchy, cinnamon raisin, almond, sunflower, and one which I have not messed around with until recently... the chocolate hazelnut butter.

This gift was welcomed back into my life with open arms... and a spoon.  Although I wish its existence in the cupboard were eternal, I fear the sad day when my spoon desperately scrapes the inside of the last jar.  Leaving unobtainable smears.  Smears that my tongue would easily clean, if only it were long and flexible.

For now, I must avoid thoughts of such a day and simply savor it.


P.S. Thank you, Suter family.

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