Still kickin' (it)

Welp, since I posted a week ago, I have been up to pretty much the exact same stuff. Boring, huh? - NOPE.

Bike riding and beer drinking with your best bros (and gals) is always a good time. Andy "business, MAN" Wyatt came up to BoCo for the week. It just so happened he was here in time to celebrate his birthday.
We had an awesome BBQ up on Flagstaff mountain, where I was the all too often 5th wheel.
Good food, better beer, and best friends.
Buffalo burgers, corn, and veggie kabobs didn't leave us much room for the s'mores.

We didn't JUST party all week... we of course did some sweet riding, too. Back to White Ranch and Hall Ranch...
Andy got hungry.
We even had the pleasure to be accompanied by new Denver resident, and newly wed Makko.
Also headed up to the Sourdough trail near Ward.
Not bad for a rookie.
And I even scraped the rust off of my road bike for a couple road rides... (no photographic evidence).

A huge shout out to the Suter-Hartman residence for letting me invade their space. I'm looking forward to heading up the road soon for a change of scenery in Aspen.


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