I'm a slacker

Its true, I am.
I met some guys in the park, and they were slackin'. I thought what the hell, I'll try this slackin' stuff out too....

What the hellll are you talking about, BEN?

Well, I am not talking about ditching class, I'm talking about walking on a line. A slack line tied between two trees.

You have probably seen people do this before. If you are anything like me, you probably walk by, think "eh, whatever..." and get on with your day. In Boulder, I thought I'd give these weirdos who walk the line a chance. It doesn't look easy, but let me tell you something... its even a lot harder than it looks. Whats cool about it though isn't necessarily the difficulty and balancing. It also brings people together. I met these guys in a park one day, and two days later, one of the same guys was there, with a whole group of new people, none of whom previously knew each other. They were all so nice, inviting, and encouraging too. Sure, maybe it was just because they were all stoned, but I dig it. ANNNND, after 2 days of trying this nonsense, I actually was able to stand up and take a few steps... not an easy feat I might add..

On a different note, my sister, Rachel "Road Racer" Alter came out to CO to spend some time with her brother. Well that was her excuse. She really just came out to do some of the best road bicycle riding in the country. But, either way, both were accomplished during the few days she spent in CO.

Over Lee Hill/Old Stage and up to the peak to peak highway through Jamestown and down St. Vrain through Lyons and back on the 36 to Boulder was a nice little introduction to the altitude and the beauty.
... is it possible to ride through Lyons after a ride like that without stopping for "lunch?"

Next was one trip up Flagstaff mountain.
... we even stopped to smell the flowers.

Then, it was up Left Hand Canyon to Ward, peak to peak through Nederland, and down the canyon along side the Boulder creek.

... I personally couldn't pass up 3 bites of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

If you couldn't tell, I am a little obsessed with the state of CO. That being said, the time had come to load up my crap and get the hell out of there. Don't get me wrong, I could sleep on a futon in a basement, eat oatmeal with Bobbi and Andy every morning, and make the best of every day forever. But, it was time to stick to the plan and see a bit of this country. The rolling hills of Wyoming, the badlands of South Dakota, and the lakes of Minnesota. I currently reside on a blowup mattress in the family lake cottage, about 25 feet from the shore of Lake Melissa in Detroit Lakes. It's peaceful, even with the occasional arguments between my two rapidly maturing adolescent siblings Gwen and Grant.


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