altitude attitude

This past weekend I set out on an adventure with Andy. This adventure was a new sort of adventure to both of us, oddly not involving bikes. Walking is my least favorite form of transportation. But, for some reason, we decided to hike (towards) a 14er. We chose Longs Peak. Upon getting to the trailhead Saturday morning, the friendly park ranger asked Andy and myself, two novice looking hikers with short sleeve shirts, where we were headed. I replied by saying "towards" Longs Peak, due to his questioned look at our attire and lack of gear. We however did have the essentials - gorp, peanut butter, bananas, cliff bars, and most importantly, Dale's. Nonetheless, we were advised against attempting to make it to the summit, as making the final push without ice axes and crampons "would be suicidal" according to mr. park ranger man. We therefore set our goal for the day to reach the "keyhole," a 6.2 mile 4000 foot climb reaching about 13,500 ft. Enjoy the views...
We made it up and down safely, and it was awesome. I am inspired to do more of this hiking/climbing stuff in the future. I learned that "walking" is actually pretty fun, especially if you have a neat destination to look forward to.


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