Did you know I like ketchup?

I know... everyone likes ketchup, so what's the big deal?

Well, the first 22+ years of my life were lived in fear of ketchup. When someone asked to pass the ketchup, I always hoped that another person would take the action before I had to touch the ketchup bottle. My irrational fear was actually embarrassing at times. People would give me a hard time for eating a burger with nothing on it.

My life changed back in Boulder when I tried some organic ketchup that I enjoyed. Sure it took me a couple Gubna to have the courage to do so, and sure it was on a delicious bison burger and sweet potato fries, but I'm glad that I did. (I'm pretty sure that I still won't like the Heinz crap... and I still despise mustard as well, by the way.)

This post, however, is about playing a little catch-up... not eating ketchup.

The stay in Minnesota was short, but sweet. Fishing, water skiing, wake boarding (neither for me... I retired from water sports), and relaxing. One night was spent on a family friends' 3-acre island on the Mississippi river outside of Bimidji.... quite a fun little get-a-way.
Grant's biggest catch of the day...
He had better luck in the Mississippi!
They grow up so darn fast...
I left the lake en route for Sioux Falls, the biggest city in SD. I stayed with my friend Ms. Megan Hamre and her very hospitable family. Megan and I are both members of the very exclusive Unemployed Club. We had plenty of time to visit THE Sioux Falls (I didn't know what the name of the city came from either...), do some bicycle riding (on flattttt roads), enjoy the views of corn fields and prairie lakes, and relax at a water park!
So there really are falls in Sioux Falls...
Megan on her new ride, lookin' pretty euro...
Where are the hills?

From Sioux falls, I headed to the west end of the state, where there are some hills... BLACK hills. This is a super sweet forest where I did some mountain bike riding, camping, and other out-doorsy stuff. I stayed down a canyon outside of Spearfish, which is a very sweet little town.
Little Spearfish/Rimrock trail... ride it!
Sweet single track with some fallen tree obstacles
The beauty of the black hills
cold creek bath

From Spearfish I headed west into Wyoming and all the way to Yellowstone. There is so much to say about this amazing place... I will have to leave you hanging in suspense about my Yellowstone adventures.

More ketchup to be done.


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