I put the 'win' in winter break

What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?

... (answer is at the bottom), but first a quick update on what the heck I've been up to during my first week of nothingness.

It's been lovely thus far. Lots of quality time with both 'sides' of the family, and most importantly lots of time for myself. I headed up to Mom's house in Phoenix last weekend to take care of some business, do some mountain biking, have my recovering thumb assessed, and hang out with some of my best high school buddies.

I would call last weekend a "success." I think that I may have found some direction (literally) in my directionless life: Laussane, Switzerland. Through the work that I have done during the past two summers in research laboratories, I have a potential connection to continue doing work in Switzerland for an undetermined period of time. I'm pretty excited about this possibility, and have serious intentions of pursuing this work. I think that by the time I graduate it will be precisely the type of experience that I will need and desire. In fact, I have registered to take French 101 at UofA so I can have some sort of feel for the spoken language if I do end up there.

I took full advantage of the beautiful weather with some trail running as well as some MTBing.
It turns out that the thumb is healing properly, despite the possible over use shifting the MTB gears. I just need to stretch it often, and be patient.

I came back down to Tucson to spend XMas with my Dad, Stepmom, little brother, and little (and older) sister.
I spent the morning of Christmas eve visiting the snow up on Mount Lemon. It was such a beautiful day as always in Tucson this time of year. It looks like a bunch of little critters were also enjoying the snow up on the mountain...
Started Christmas day off with a nice run accompanied by Cooper, the crazy 1 yr old yellow lab, followed by 6 hours of putting together about 950 pieces of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It's always nice to work out the brain with the company of the family.

Heading back up north (to Phoenix) tomorrow.

ANSWER: Santa stops at 3 HO's! HAAAAHAAAA (not 300, like Tiger) - thanks, Rachel.


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  1. if i'm jealous of one person in this world, it ain't you. sorry slugger.

    on the joke front, Tiger was recently endorsed by Trojan.

    "when you play as many holes as I do every week, you need to use good protection. that's why I choose trojan."