Done and DONE

7 down, 1 to go. I am officially done with my seventh semester of college, and it feels good. I can honestly say that I've learned a lot. Maybe the amount of applicable information learned in the classroom isn't too much. I have learned a lot through experiences gained and challenges overcome during this 3.5 yr period of my life. I am happy of where I am at this point in my life, and even happier of where I am going in the future. Yes, it is still unknown as to where I will be in 6 months from now, but I can still be happy with that.

A little update of the past week or so in my life by the numbers...

12 - days without dairy, wheat, rice, beans, potatoes, bananas, sugar, and alcohol

20 - times going pee during one day of "the cleanse"

75 - miles on the MTB on Tuesday

6 - hours spent in the saddle Tuesday

2 - wipeouts on the trail

37 - cactus spines in my body

7 - hours spent drinking beer after the 6 hour ride

5 - bouncers needed to kick me and 3 buddies out of the bar for having too much fun (after 6 hours of riding and 7 hours of beer drinking)

4.0 - expected GPA for the semester (keeping fingers crossed til grades are back)

10 - dollars given to a homeless man in the holiday spirit

13 - days til Christmas! YAY.


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