Montana = badass

I spent the weekend in Missoula, Montana and I have to say that it is definitely on the badass end of the spectrum as far as towns goes. The highlight was probably 'The Good Food Store' which was nothing short of spectacular. If you take all of the best parts of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, your local farmer's market, and your favorite liquor store, you might come close to getting The Good Food Store. I was thinking how there should be more of these places in the country, but that would defeat the overall purpose of this store and its efforts to support being 'local.'

I can't overlook the rest of the fun that was had this weekend at the Griz football game, driving through the Natl. Bison Range, kickin' it at sweet coffee shops, hanging out at the University of Montana campus, and freezing my Arizonan buns off.

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