A lot of you readers out there are probably relatively 'new' friends of mine, so this may not surprise you as much as it may surprise others, such as ME, who has known myself for more or less, my entire life.

When I started college, I was so bad ass (sarcasm). I strived strongly to be the coolest and most successful person around. I failed. However, it took a couple of years to realize this epic failure. My point is, I've changed. I used to be superficial and ignorant. I like to think that I live life at a deeper level, and at least now, I am aware of my ignorance. My taste in food, films, fashion, and females has changed dramatically. My newest change has taken place in the form of hobbies.

During family vacations, it was inevitable that my family (myself included... unfortunately) would spend at least a day doing the arts-y/farts-y/museum-y deal, which was without a doubt the least desirable thing that could possibly be done, regardless of the inhabited destination. Could this art-hating child really grow up to do something 'artsy'?

You betchya. With a little inspiration from a fellow quarter-life-crisis-er, I have taken up the hobby of painting. I took off for the art supply shop and bought canvas, brushes, and acrylics. I held a paintbrush in hand for a solid 3 hours that night. It had to have been the first time since... elementary school art classes? I couldn't put the brush down. I am hooked.

I am a tad self conscious to share images of my work with you all, so if you care to see, you will just have to make a trip to my studio (house) sometime. And besides, putting images online would totally ruin the mystifying aura that comes with being an artist!

This guys good...



  1. i love and admire my brother. can't wait to see your masterpiece!