Whether we like it or not, we are all addicts. Our lives are full of habits. Fortunately, most of us choose good habits to fill our daily lives. Personally, I have become an addict for Time Market pizza. I eat it ~5x per week, but thankfully, it does not impact my life in any sort of negative way (YET!). If we choose to, most of us also have the will power and drive to kick these addictions and habits if they begin to impact our lives in a negative way. For me, I have chosen (more or less :P) to remove coffee, from my life. Sure, I drink a cup or 2 a week, but being able to cut down on something that not too long ago was a big part of my life gives me a good feeling about myself.

Others lives are sadly governed by much more serious issues or substances. Maybe these people have 'addictive personalities,' or maybe they are simply weak individuals. Habits and addictions can drive these people to do stupid, and immoral things. I think that I am a pretty empathetic person, and am good at understanding with others feel in a situation. If substances are controlling your life, change. If its due to the people whom you surround yourself by, don't surround yourself by those people. If its due to the places you choose to hang out, don't hang out at those places. If its due to the stresses that life throws at you, deal with these stresses in a different way.


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