Gettin hiiiiiggghhhhhh

There's nothing better. Running feeds my needs. Sometimes it takes a couple of miles to get in the groove, but once I am in that groove there isn't a better feeling in this world. The endorphins raging through my blood stream can make me happy when skies are gray. Physical or emotional pain can disappear after a get dose of running endorphins. Sex, drugs, nor rock and roll can give me such a feeling. I'm excited to start upping my milage a bit, maybe in preparation for a marathon in a couple of months?

Why does running have such a swanky stigma associated with it? Anyone can do it. It was only a bit over a year ago that running more than 5K was out of the question for me. It only took a bit of 'training,' and a little motivation to get out and up it to 10+ miles. My point is, I think that anyone can be a runner, and everyone should be a runner. I think that if all were to run a few miles a day, a few days per week this world would be a much better place. Happier, healthier, sexier, stronger, and with clearer minds. Diabetes wouldn't overtake our society. Stress wouldn't hinder our lives. And maybe, someday you might look like this sexy beast, who can run for days at a time.

Go out there and learn to like it. I bet that with time, you'll be hooked.


  1. TRI GEEEEEEK. I agree. If only everyone could think that way...

  2. it sometimes takes a few miles or a matter of time in each run to get comfortable. Frikin spot on Ben!!