Thumbs UP?

So, it's been a pretty good day. Had a post-op appointment this morning to check the status of my healing hand. I was a bit worried, because during the last few days, something just didn't feel right in there. I think that the issue was simply that the swelling had gone down, allowing my hand to move too much within the splint.

So I got my stitches out...

...had some x-rays taken...

... and got a sweet, new green cast!

It turns out the the bone is healing properly. The pins brought all of the fragments together as planned, and the articular surface with the thumb will hopefully fuse to become one smooth surface. That, however, will take 7 weeks of keeping my thumb immobile in this cast...

So far, the cast feels great though. It gives my hand much more support which makes it more comfortable for me to commute on my bike. I even went for a run this afternoon which felt good as well. Now, it just takes patience, which I've never had much of, in order to heal back up 100%.

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