Quality not Quantity

Of course there are many factors and biases that are involved with measuring quality of life, but many argue that the Swiss top the list.  Even though my view during 10 days in Switzerland may have been skewed by the holiday festivities, I will confirm that quality is indeed the correct word to describe life in this beautiful country.

My Swiss visit 8 years ago with the family was great, but with age comes experience, with experience, keener senses, and with keen senses, more accurate judgement of quality.

I am lucky to have distant relatives through marriage who's hospitality and company I could enjoy.  I stayed with Palina, whos parents also live in Geneva.  Christmas and New Years were spent in Geneva with a little bit of traveling throughout the country in between.

Snowy roof tops of Geneva.
Angry seas and icy trees.
Frozen in time.
Off to Gruyeres - the land of delicious cheese and a fresh cold breeze.
Beautiful hills.
Petit Alpitas
Pretty castle, and pretty skies.
A short stay in the capital city, Bern.
A visit to Zurich.
Cold feets on the narrow streets.
Zurich had the best "Christmas" lights.
New years eve, Swiss style.
Hoppin' around in the old town a bit.
Even the seagulls seemed a little hungover on the first day of the year.
Pâté, Gruyères, viande séchée, delicious bread... a true Swiss meal.
QUACK - maybe my favorite picture I took.

It was while people-watching on trains around the country when I came to a deep realization.  Although I have always enjoyed my experiences abroad, it wasn't until then that I realized that I could actually live a sincerely happy life outside of my 'home country' of the US... (if I learned some French or Swiss-German, of course).  Europeans seem to have the idea to enjoy life, stemming from the 4 weeks/yr minimum time off from work (many countries require 6 or even 8 weeks).  But, there was something sweet in the Swiss air that made life seem a little more enjoyable...  I hope to find out more for myself.



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  2. you have an amazing eye for photos, and a kick ass camera. keep it up! ps the duck is just plain gorgeous.