Dada is Swahili for sister.

My dada and I used to butt heads like most siblings.  If someone tried to get us to spend two weeks together, we would have ended up on opposite sides of the world, with one or both of us in critical condition.

We recently decided to come together from opposite sides of the world to spend two weeks together... whaaaa?

Even though we entered this predicament willingly, I was a bit unsure as to whether either of us would survive to return to our respective sides of the world.

She suffered a few mosquito bites and a sun burn and I endured some vomiting and diarrhea, but we survived.  In doing so, a bond was formed that I am quite happy to share with her.

Yes a dada will always be a dada, but now my dada is my friend.

Travel stories to come.



  1. dang son! maybe you should become a spiritual leader or something. this is powerful.

  2. tear. thanks kaka. i love you so much. (and to those of you who are familiar with the more common meaning of the word caca...it is also swahili for brother.)

  3. ps...i don't remember this photo. did you put the silhouette from the castle in Buda in front of the sunset in Kalamata? (and if so, how?? teach me!)

  4. NO, this pic is from along the water in Nafplio during sunset. Before I found the "ADAM" cactus.