Dream on.

I know that there is an entire field of science geared towards studying what the brain does when your body is unconscious. I think the term we use to describe such experiences is dream?

I don't know much about this topic, mainly because I have not had much personal experience with dreams. On the rare occurrence that I wake up with thoughts, images, or sensations from my sleep, I can just about say that they are always unfortunately forgotten by the time I get out of bed. I know that sometimes people have nightmares that haunt their dreams for years, but even so, I was always a bit bummed out by the lack of dreams in my life, good or bad. That has changed relatively recently, upon moving to my new home in Hungary.

These changes in my subconscious brain activity could have been sparked by a number of things, as my life is far from what it used to be. I am living abroad for the first time in my life, I am living alone for the first time in my life, I am spending a lot more time by myself than I have before, and I am spending a lot more time reading, thinking and stimulating my brain. Maybe I'll start keeping track of my dreams in a bedside notebook.

In other news, after a brief hiatus from the world of creative art, I have purchased watercolors, paintbrushes, and paper from my local SPAR superstore.


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  1. WOW!!!
    Another artist in the family
    You know about my art background
    And your Great Grandfather (my Dad) was a frustrated artist
    Have much fun with it