Acclimation Proclamation

So, I guess you could say that I am acclimating to the culture. I spent Saturday night at a sweet little hostel in central Budapest and got a taste of the nightlife. I went to a centrally located spot where there were local jazz bands playing... (the violinist in the picture below was amazing, and BLIND). I met some cool people and had a great time.
Everyone I talked to was surprised that I ventured out at night alone in a foreign country, not to mention move to a foreign country to work. I guess I am officially an adventurous person.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday in Budapest, I probably put a solid 25 miles on the old walkin' shoes. I arrived via train and left via train, but my feet were the only mode of transportation that I used while in the city.
I got lost and I saw a lot. First, I zigzagged all over the place looking for a map. Then the zigzags turned into circles. But, with getting so turned around and covering so much ground, I now feel that I know my way around this place.
I passed up pizza and beer for a gyro and water... My standards for both pizza and beer were set far too high in Tucson to be let down by Hungary's attempt.
In other news, when I was in line at the market this morning back in Debrecen, I was straight up cut by a man. That's right CUT... as in "no cuts, no butts, no coconuts." I don't know if this man thought his time was more valuable than mine (even though it probably is), but I was disgusted. If only you could have seen that blatancy of this man's act. I wasn't sure if I should chuckle at the guy, or give him a nice little nudge, so I did neither. Only stared with disgust. I hope such rudeness isn't a normality in this country.

This week marks the commencement of my research project. As nerdy as it may sound... I am very much looking forward to it.

BA - out

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  1. I loved your image of the castle on the river. I remember that building. Have they washed it?