good riding, good people, good food, good livin'... alright beer

My initial thought was that this place was like Boulder on a smaller scale and 2000 feet lower, minus 90% of the trigeeks, the majority of the milfs, and the unnecessarily excessive party scene. Now take the size of the surrounding mountains and cut them roughly in half, but make those remaining, still decent sized mountains and make them easily accessible via mountain bike. But... take those awesome CO breweries, mash them all together into 3 or 4 and let a girl brew the beer, a non beer drinking girl. But hey, 2 breweries (Kettlehouse and Big Sky) do can their brew, so they've got something right.

Missoula highlights include:

Hiking (toward) Lolo Peak with Hannah (Banana/Montana) Reisman.
Hannah had me scare off the bears by banging two sticks together for 4 hours.
Photo OPP
Mountain biking around Rattlesnake Recreational Area (AKA - shreddin' the snake as they say in Missoula)

...Guided by Drunkcyclist's very own 40 Hands, who dropped me like college algebra, on his effing singlespeed with a man gear.

Well, aren't I all artsy fartsy.
Sweet, sweeet single track.
O heyyyyy, Missoula.
Dodge dem treeez.
Relaxing and enjoying what this town has to offer

"This looks like an engagement photo"
People watchin'
2 of my best friends


Not 100% sure, but I'm rarely that sure about anything. I have proposed a route to Seattle on which I shall depart in a couple of days. A scenic route. I figured if I multiply the driving time by 3, I could have 3 times the fun, 3 times the adventure, and 3 times the sore buttocks along the way, EH?

BA - out and about

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