Glacials & Facials

After painful goodbyes, I hit the road from zoo town with fresh fuel, fresh oil, and fresh clothes, and headed north. I received some "directions" to a mountain bike trial from a shop in Whitefish, MT and decided to check it out. After adding on an extra 20 miles or so due to missing the "turn off," I found the "single track."
Looking back on this ride, I have a feeling that the dude at the bike shop in Whitefish just sent me out here to clear this overgrown trail. It seemed as if this trail hadn't been ridden all summer, but I was successful in clearing much of the branches, tree stumps and spider webs, often with the use of my face.
With a face full of spider webs, I took a couple spills. Fortunately none of them did much more than scratch up my poor little beat up body. Lets just say things could have ended a lot worse, as 90% of the single track was ridden inches away from a cliff, with angry pine trees calling my name.

The rain began to come down as I was finishing my ride, and continued as I drove into Glacier National Park.
Views were magnificent, despite the clouds.

After devouring some beer can oats, I hit the road this morning, heading towards the east. The sunrise and clouds made for more beautiful views.
... NO, I did not drink a beer in the morning.
Atop the continental divide at Logan pass, I ran into some horny little fellows.

As I was cornering one of them to take some photos....

I unknowingly was becoming cornered myself.
I was a tad scared... these guys are bigger than I thought... and, they have frikin horns.
After dealing with the power tripped Canadian boarder patrol douche bags, I have made my way to Calgary. The rain has been steady, which means clean bikes for Banff, only to dirty 'em up in the mud :)
BA - out

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  1. gnarly dude. but one question, why not dale oats? fuckin hipster...