Take your buddy to work day

Yesterday, May 27 2010 was Boulder county's first annual take your buddy to work day. I was the lucky buddy who went to work with Andy who happens to be an intern at Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, CO. I call him "Dale's Bitch" which made me Dale's Bitch's Bitch for a bit.
We loaded some kegs in the back of the trusty Old Chub van and headed north for a delivery of some of CO's finest hopped beverages to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
This kid lives a terrible life. It must be tough to "work" at beer festivals, bike races, and music festivals all summer promoting some lousy canned beer from Colorado... But seriously, I am happy and proud of Andy. I think he has found his place in the world with this company. Congrats.

I am headed out of town this weekend... or is that even possible since I am already out of town? But I guess I am not out of town, since I currently don't have a "town" of my own. Anyways, it is up to Chicago for memorial day weekend with the Friedman cousins.

BA-takin' off

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