So it's been a while. My lack of blogging must mean I was doing something better with my days during the last couple weeks of college, right? Right.

Well lets see. First of all, I was busy(?) working hard(?) to earn myself a 4.0 this semester. No biggie.
I also spent some time collecting awards for my work in organizing the Clean-Up Crew event from a couple months back.
But besides that boring nonsense, I was busy enjoying my life, and last weeks as a college student. I think by now most of you already know what this kid likes to do with some free time: bikes, beers, babes, and smoothies. Yes, smoothies have been an essential part of my life thanks to my first graduation gift received, a Vitamix!

... this fine piece of machinery does not deserve to be classified as a "blender".

So besides making epic smoothies, you guessed it, I have been going on epic bike rides. All sorts of rides.
Rides in the desert.
Rides to KFC.
Rides on the trails with Dale's (accompanied by Dale's personal sales intern)
Rides to play in the snow (in MAY!?)
Rides to the top of parking garages to enjoy Tucson views and summer nights, and keep my times simple.
O YA! I also enjoyed the company of family to celebrate my transition to adult hood.
BA-out (of town)

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  1. you can't spell baller without a B or an A. fag