The big picture

I'm a bit late, but I think that I have finally realized what college is all about. It ISN'T about getting good grades and graduating in 4 years like a initially had though. It's about figuring out which path in life to point yourself toward. OK, so I did know this coming into school, but didn't act on it. For 3.7819 years I went to class, participated in some extracurricular events and activities, and lived within the box.

Last year, when accepted as a member of Mortar Board Senior Honors Society, I chose to take on a roll of Clean-Up Crew (Co-) Director (along with Ryan Buckley). It sounded like a good way to stay involved with school and this organization as I came down the home stretch of undergrad.

What is this "Clean-Up Crew" that I speak of? Well without going into too much depth, it is a community service event that brings together hundreds of student volunteers and gives them an opportunity to give back to their surrounding community by carrying out tasks such as landscaping homes of elderly, picking up trash and debris in public areas, and painting over graffiti. By performing such tasks, we hope to foster the relationship that is often on the rocks between students and their surrounding neighbors.

In order to successfully carry out this event, funding and in-kind donations have been accumulated. This gives us and our 300+ volunteers gardening tools, t-shirts, gloves, breakfast, and coffee. With these necessities, volunteers will happily show up and be able to carry out the tasks to which they have been assigned.

It's coming. March 27 (Saturday) is the day that 300+ volunteers (recruited by myself) will get together and give back to our beloved Tucson community.

So where am I going with all of this? I am not quite sure. But for some reason, for the first time in my undergraduate years, I have a sense of fulfillment. In just a couple days (after this event is in the books) I can say that I did something. I made a difference. I left my mark.

It's a good feeling. A feeling that I hope to have many more times in my life.


(will check back in after Saturday's event!)

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