105 pounds of bananas
300 bagels
300 granola bars
40 pounds of clementines
8 pounds of strawberries
6 gallons of coffee
... to feed a few hundred volunteers to do yard work with...
65 hoes
50 rakes
40 shovels
pruning shears
pick axes

I guess it was a success. Everyone was hard at work for at least 3 hours, landscaping yards, picking up trash and clearing public areas of debris. Most importantly, I think that students as a whole gained a more positive view in the eyes of the local Tucsonans living around the campus. I got down and dirty a bit, but spent most of the day dealing with logistics, the media, and some crazy neighbors and residents.

As expected, I definitely have a sense of fulfillment. Especially after taking the extra food (100+ bagels and tons of bananas) and giving it to homeless people around the several parks in central tucson. Yay student volunteers, and yay me. High fives and pats on the back to all.

Shout out to UMC, Marshall Foundation, Time Market, The Bagelry, and Lowes for making this all possible. Maybe some pics and newspaper article links to come in the future... Now time for a whole lot of ZzzZZzzz's.


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