Movie Review

Today, I went to the movie theatre for the first time in a couple years to catch a pretty good flick.

I saw "I AM" which is a documentary that addresses the main problems with humanity in current society, and what we humans can do to shift the course of our existence.  I think most would agree that human beings are getting to be a pretty screwed up race.  As our race has evolved, a huge disparity has been created due to the innate competitive nature of humans which has created a lot of imbalance on earth.  Some people live abundantly with more money and resources than they know what to do with, while the majority of people on earth are struggling to survive.  Humans are just another species inhabiting this planet, yet we are the only species that have created such problems that are ultimately destroying the earth at the expense of pursuing "happiness."  We humans have evolved through corruption to believe that happiness is something acquired through materials, possessions, and wealth... all things that we must procure through competing with others.  Competition leads to violence, stress, and sometimes the desired wealth, however rarely happiness.  The cure to this predicament is simply replacing competition with love... love is all you need.

The message of the film was completely in line with everything I believe.  My beliefs have really only taken true form in the last year or so, but the ideas have come together profoundly.  As I watched this movie, one word came to mind repeatedly - DUH.  For many, the problems are clear.  For most, they will never be understood, and if they are, they will not be of any concern.  We can only hope that these ideas spread like the fires in AZ, and more people can say "DUH" so the world will keep spinning.



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