IIN it to win it.

So my first year of freedom from the educational system came and went.  Even though I did spend a good portion of that year at an educational institution (in Hungary), I have not been a "student" for a year.  I still mark the "student" box in questionnaires that ask for my occupation simply because I am "occupationless" and have been for my entire life.  Sure, we are all students as life is a timeless journey of learning.  However, now I can check that same box without stretching the truth, as I am once again a student.

No, I am not enrolled in medical school... that will be in 2012.  But, I have recently decided to continue learning at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in pursuit of a nutritional health coach certification.  I am really excited about continuing my education since I will be studying something resonating with my personal interests, as well as my future career.

Believe it or not, nutrition is a topic completely disregarded in current medical school curriculums.  I don't see how such a focus can be neglected, since it is clear to me (and I think clear to most) that the food we choose to bring into our bodies has an overpowering impact on our health and wellness.  I know that I will need to implement nutrition into whatever medical career I choose to pursue, so what better time to start practicing nutritional health then now.

In addition to using the knowledge I gain in my personal life, I figure that as I study medicine I can develop a small nutritional health coaching practice.  Maybe I can make a little money to support myself as I get a head start on my practical career.


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