A big word for such a little world

I am pretty fascinated with the idea of consciousness.  I read a lot about current theories of peoples' perception of the human experience, which often over complicate how we humans perceive reality.  Most theories rely on complex brain functions or quantum physics to attempt to explain the phenomenon.  Other theories attempt to discard the science and place spirituality at the center of the functionality of consciousness.  For me, my theory is much simpler.

There are infinity times infinity to the infinitieth power of possibilities for how each microsecond of each human experience unfolds.  Then, as humans with brains, there are infinity or so possible ways that we can choose to react to each of these occurrences.  We choose to react to every detail whether we are aware of our reactions or not, whether we are conscious of the decision being made or not.  About 99.9845311% of these reactions go unnoticed.  We say that these decisions we make don't matter, they don't effect our daily life, and they have little impact on our overall human experience.  Well, I think that each and every decision plays a bigger role in life than we may think.  I think that the more conscious we become of the infinite amount of miniscule choices we make each day compounded overtime can greatly enhance our experience.

How can such nuances effect life as we know it?  Well, to begin, lets think of the infinity times infinity to the infinitieth power of possible outcomes for each microsecond.  Even though such an awesome number of possibilities exist, it is quite an exaggeration.  It is an exaggeration because only the occurrences that we are aware of and place into the realm of being possible are true possibilities.  Furthermore, all of these possibilities are limited by the rest of humans on the planet.  How can something possible for one human occur when it is a complete impossibility to someone else living under the same conditions.  This is where collective consciousness comes into play.  An abstract idea that evolves continuously in some direction or another, and a notion that many believe to be shifting rapidly in our current world.  And, if you are with me, you may have inferred that believing a shift is occurring is all that is necessary for reality to change.

So lets gets get back to the huge amount of minute occurrences that we are continuously encountering - the possibilities that are limited by the collective consciousness.  Simply knowing that you are in control of each move you make, each thought you possess, and each breath you take makes for a richer experience.  Taking yourself off of autopilot is becoming conscious.  But, you can always further remove yourself from autopilot.  You can always be in more control.  Control of your actions and control of your reactions.  Control of your thoughts and control of your beliefs.  You can be in control of your life's possibilities.  And, given the fact that the collective consciousness is growing to make room for even greater possibilities, the limitlessness becomes even more unlimited.

Take charge and start enriching.  Don't place limits on what life may offer.  Don't hold yourself back.  But more importantly, don't hold the world back.


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  1. "Government has grown too strong to be safe. There are no longer any citizens in the world, there are only subjects. They work day in and day out for their masters they are bound to die for their masters at call. Out of this working and dying they tend to get less and less."
    — H.L. Mencken