3.785 + change

I am filling out med school applications which is a pretty lengthy, tedious process.  In addition to sending off a super duper highly classified "official" transcript, I have to list every single course that I have taken for college credit.  That includes 43 courses at UofA plus a few through community colleges while in high school.

While typing away and entering all of these courses into my application, I did quite a bit of reminiscing on my college experience.  I couldn't help but think about the hours spent studying for a freakin' "A"... along with the hours spent studying when I came up fractions of a percent away from an "A."  I don't know if my 3.785 GPA portrays the fact that I never scored below an 89% in any class.  I reflected on some of those borderline grades and how I ended up on the wrong side of the fence...

...Like the time where I scored a 96% on my physics final when I needed a 98 to get my A.
...Or the time where I missed 5 questions on my cell physiology final when I could only miss 4 to keep my A.
...Or the time my history teaching assistant didn't like me because I interacted with an obnoxious kid in class every once in a while so she never gave me above a B on any paper I wrote.
...Or the time when I took a history exam honestly and scored a B in a lecture filled with a couple hundred frat guys who had gotten their hands on a copy of the exam to "study."

Maybe I could have gone into professors' offices like some students and weeped my way to an A like a lot of people, but I didn't.

Yes, college is one big joke in many ways, but I am so thankful for being able to partake in such a joke.

I thought about where I have come as a person since starting college.  The relationships that have come and gone, dorm parties, barely being able to wake up for 10AM classes, eating panda express, chick fil-a, and eegees every week.  Its hard to sum up the growth and transformation that I have made in every aspect of my life.  I think my mind has modified more than your typical 23 year olds'.  I know without my college experience, such changes could not have come about so profoundly yet gracefully.

Now I find myself in a world where I'm not sure how well I fit.  I'm in a society where half of the current news stories are about a guy named Wiener and his wiener, American "politicians" don't even know basic history taught in grade school, and people don't even know how to eat to maintain their health.

I can thank my time for growth and development in college for being able to feel gratefully displaced in such an F'd up world.


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