Dogs and cats

I've headed up to my retreat of hibernation where I am surrounded by dogs and cats.

I am nestled into the peaceful foothills of Tucson.  Not amidst the swanky mercedes and hummers.  I am looking after a nice old house, filled with dark wood, leather, and lots and lots of books.

I am looking after a dog named Oso.  Oso is the first dog who I have truly liked.  He had a tough couple first years of life.  Despite his bear-like build, Oso clearly still holds on to emotional wounds of his previous life.  These wounds are quickly healing as our bond forms.

There is one cat in the house too.  Her name is "M", and she is a bitch.

I wish Oso would eat this darn cat so I wouldn't have to waste my time with her.

Another cat made a short appearance this afternoon.  His name was Bob.
Bob the bobcat played with me a bit through the kitchen window.  He is way cooler than miss M-cat.


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