I think that restriction can be good.  It builds mental strength, and what are we without that?

I have restricted myself from sugar and alcohol for the last month (besides one minor indulgence...)  I don't know why, but it seems like there have been more birthdays of people I know during this past month than any other month of the year.  I have sat in front of countless cakes, cookies, chocolatey treats as well as delicious hoppy beverages nearly every night for the last month.  What a perfect opportunity to restrict oneself and build mental strength.  Now, it barely even phases me.

I recently decided to take restriction to a new level by restricting myself from the life line of Facebook.  Its a great resource, but it was simply acting as a link to unproductivity up in my bookmark bar.  I need all the productivity I can get during the next 6 weeks or so in preparation for the good 'ol MCAT.

It has only been a couple of days, but damn does it feel good to hop on the computer and actually get things done. Even if I do take breaks from studying to write things like this or read a few articles, at least my mind is actually working as opposed to aimlessly stalking 'friends.'  Speaking of friends, we will see if any of them know how to keep in contact without conveniently clicking on my Facebook page...

I am sure that some people may think that life is too short to restrict oneself from things they like, but I disagree.  To me, its basic physics... You can plug a hole in a cup filled with water to stop the flow of water through that hole.  That leaking water can then be used for something else whether its drinking, watering a plant, or simply creating a new hole and letting the water leak in another direction.  Right now, I just don't want to go around having my cup of water leaking everywhere.


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  1. "we will see if any of them know how to keep in contact without conveniently clicking on my Facebook page"

    I just went to go to this and found it to not be there, and I don't have your number. Give me a call if you can, I have some questions about this weekend: 520-955-1736. Thanks!