AHhh, Kosice!

The following post contains personal information that could be offensive or even horrifying.  Viewer/reader discretion is advised.

Until very recently (ca. one week ago), underwear has played a negligible role in my life.  I owned it, but never felt the need to utilize it.  In fact, when I packed up my life and migrated to Europe, I didn't even bother to stick a pair in my bag.

You would think and hope that a $200 pair of denim would have a fairly decent lifespan.  I guess that is simply not the case when you've got junk in the drunk such as I, and you are bumpin' and grindin' it all over the place.  When my favorite jeans (those that replaced my slasher incident) began to slowly deteriorate (mainly in the crotch/bum region) after about 9 months of almost continuous wear, I decided to invest in some Hungarian undies to keep myself shielded.

As I was pedaling down to catch the train out of town this morning to embark on a Slovakian adventure to Kosice (pronounced kah-shitz, in Hungarian), the brisk air seemed a little more nippy in my midsection, even with my newly purchased garments.  I dismounted my bike at the train station, felt my backside, and realized that I had a good sized slit in my toosh region.  It muse have been the result from getting snagged on the saddle or something.  I wasn't about to let some torn denim come between me and Slovakia, despite my abrupt accumulation of stares due to my nearly exposed bum.  I was actually excited... now I could have something to do/look for (new denim) in this foreign town I was headed to.

The train slowly, and I mean slowwwwwly, rolled into Miskolc where I had 8 minutes to catch my connecting train.  It was a little toooo slowly for my liking.  We crawled along the tracks, making the train arrive...oh, about 8 minutes late.  As I looked out the window, I saw another train rolling away as we were coming to a stop.  Ahhhhh KAH-SHITZ!  Yep, missed the train, the only one heading to Kosice today.  My exposed backside hopped on the next train in the opposite direction, back to good ol' Debrecen.

As I hung my head, gazing out the window heading 'home,' I got to thinking.  If some ripped pants and a missed train make for a 'bad day,' life is pretty darn good.  I don't have much to complain about in this world, and most likely neither do you.  When you put on your undies, smile.  There's no reason that smile should lose luster as your day progresses.


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