Autumn's in the air

Back in AZ, I always enjoyed it.  Liberation from the dreadful summer, Halloween parties, pumpkins and other gourds, and of course Thanksgiving feasts and family birthdays.  These are things that reminded me of Autumn.  I was obviously aware of the nature part; the metamorphosis of trees and leaves associated with this season.  However, living in the desert for the first quarter of my life, I was sheltered from a real 'winter,' and therefore also deprived of nature's transition to the cold.  That being said, my colorblinded eyes have been brought to life in recent weeks here in the 'great plains' of Hungary.  I have really enjoyed the trees, the leaves, and the weather.

I have been enjoying it even more since I recently refined my Gazelle.  This 1960s era bike probably never had a big american guy romp it around the forest quite like I did.  After I broke a few spokes and bent the rear rim, I let it wobble around for a couple weeks before I went in for an upgrade - bling bling single speed coaster break style.  And, a little 15% discount at the shop... FDub has got some competition.

And now, the feature presentation...


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  1. Freaking legit BA. Thanks for letting me in on your experience, brah