I got "home" from my road trip adventure just in time to do laundry and repack my bags.

I put home in quotation marks because at this time in my life, I am not quite sure where my home is.
According to Edward Sharpe, "Home is wherever I'm with you..." That of course leads to another question. Who is "YOU"?

My YOU isn't in Tucson... nor is it in Phoenix. Nevertheless, this is where I am. Confusing.

T minus 2+ days until I'm in my new "home". Debrecen (pronounced Debretzen), Hungary.
Weather... a tad cooler than what I'm used to (maybe not after my summer road trip however).
Economy... a tad cheaper than what I am used to.

I know that I will be working hard and playing harder during my indefinite stay at my new home.

As excited as I may be to "peel this layer from my onion," I am pretty freakin' nervous. But, I think that filling my summer with new experiences has prepared me well for this step (more like LEAP) in my life. Stay tuned.


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