see-ya, see-@-ill

In a few short days, I saw it all. Downtown, uptown, Ballard, Fremont, Capital Hill, Madison Park, U District. Seattle is a super sweet, biker friendly city. I dig it. I dig the culture, the diversity, the hippies, the gays. I can't forget about how much I dig the radio. I also dig the easy access to sweet Mountains. Mountains to hike, mountains to climb, and mountains to bike. I bet I would also dig the local brew, but being on antibiotics for the past 5 days prevented me from enjoying that.

A weekend getaway into the cascades around Mount Rainier provided a good taste of the outdoor possibilities that WA has to offer.
Kickin it at camp.
A nice hike little hike in the cascades.
It turned into a scrambling adventure.
The view.
Back to the city we headed, where my hipster self belonged. Where's my fixie when I needed it the most?
Instead of skid stoppin down the hills, I cruised around Lake Washington on what was a beautiful day, only 40 or so degrees cooler than the summers that I am used to.
It's syonara to Seattle, for now, as I am heading south in the mornin into Oregon. Bend is the destination. Single track and hop filled beverages await.

BA - out

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