A chronic case of achilles senioritis

Do you believe in karma? I know that in the end, the world tends to balance out. When bad things tend to be coming your way time after time, good things are around the corner. The question is though, how long does it take to get around that corner?

That's where patience comes in. I have never been patient. Being injured on and off (mostly on) since I broke my hand in the beginning of October has been a true test of patience. My achilles tendonitis which has kept me from doing pretty much any sort of physical activity for the last 7 weeks or so has sucked big time, to say the least. During the time of year when athletes and snowbirds alike flock to Tucson to take advantage of the awesome weather, I find myself cooped up indoors far more often than I can barely handle.

I know that when I overcome this injury, I will have a healthy streak. I can feel it. At least I deserve a healthy body for a while according to karma... But the shitty thing is that my achilles has not gotten the slightest bit better in the last 7 weeks of physical therapy, stretching, icing, massage, laser treatments, ultrasound treatments, ASTYM, rest, etc. I guess I am just really being tested this time around.

I hate complaining. I know that my very minor injury is insignificant in the realm of life and injuries. But I am 22 and want to use my body to its full potential.

On top of that, I have recently realized that I am indeed severely color blind.

In this TEST, I can only read two plates: Plate 7 = 12 & plate 15 = 25.

Aren't I supposed to have some sort of superman type sense due to this handicap. What the hell...

BA - out...

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